Climate Change

Otter Point Creek and the land surrounding it are impacted by human activity, and these impacts may increase with sea level change, more intense storms and flooding, shifting species ranges and life stages, lengthening growing seasons, and stress to the environment from increasing temperatures.

How OPCA will address Climate Change:

  1. Educate the public about climate change and the ways they can help reduce it, and support Naturalists in climate change educational activities.
  2. Provide volunteer opportunities for climate change research and monitoring activities at OPC.
  3. Provide opportunities and hands-on experience for students and adults in climate change research.
  4. Examine practices in and around the ACLEC building for ways to reduce carbon footprint.
  5. Look for opportunities for carbon sequestration at the OPC reserve.
  6. Promote diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate change education for all.